Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hurrican Katrina and 9/11, two tragedies and two different reactions.

Isn’t all this hurricane talk depressing? I do not see an end to the horror in the near future. Authorities are beginning to pump water out of the city and they are afraid of what they are going to find. I am afraid that the news channels are going to show us. I was watching Fox News at a cousin’s house and was surprised to see footage of dead bloated human bodies. I don’t understand why they would have to show us something that we all know is there. I think, after this long, we get the fact that this is a huge tragedy, quite possibly the worst disaster in US history. Yes, I think worse than 9/11, although these are two different tragedies.

The country seems to have two different reactions to these tragedies. After 9/11 it seems everyone was clinging to each other and we came together as a country. Maybe it was we had a common enemy and even though the enemy was spread throughout the world, we knew there was someone we could kill and bring to justice.

With the hurricane, it’s just man against nature. How to you get revenge against the weather? Who do you fight when Mother Nature strikes against you? It seems that we are fighting ourselves. By looting, raping, killing, backbiting, bitching, attacking the government, and other things are going on that didn’t seem to happen after 9/11.

The people of this country are reacting very differently during this tragedy than we did during 9/11. We seem to be growing apart. It seems to be easier to complain and hurt others instead of helping people and praying for people. When you see that people in other areas that complain about all the coverage going to New Orleans when they were devastated too, you know that things are a little cock eyed. Mississippi never gets the good stuff like New Orleans. Maybe next time, Mississippi, you can have a death toll that requires 50,000 body bags being secured for your recovery efforts. Let’s cross our fingers.

I am hoping that all this news coverage is just making things look this bad, but I know that things are this bad. We need to come together and learn to help each other whether al Qaeda or Mother Nature hits this country in the future. I just hope that when we have this next disaster, and I am afraid it will come, we can get help and resources to the people that need them without fighting each other and worrying about insignificant matters.

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