Sunday, September 25, 2005

Entering a world of enlightenment

We live in a world of beaten paths that we find ourselves traversing on a daily basis. With time and preoccupation we ignor the surroundings between point A and point B; focussing on the fastest, easiest way to get there. Now mind you, we see the things we pass sometimes without "seeing" them. Sometimes there are side streets in life we just never make it down. Friday, I made it down one of those side streets, and I am a new man. Did I stop to talk to a homeless man? Did I pull over and spend a few minutes looking at a nearby creek? Even save my first coupon to get a discount at the grocery store? No. No. And hell no. I discovered, or perhaps I should say disc golf discover me.

The entire process was set in motion between psychiatry lectures on Wednesday. One of my fellow residents brought up the subject. I have been looking for a sport to get out and play, but frustratingly no one wants to do it, or my wife is not interested in competitive sports. Disc golf has met all of these needs as if to put a comforting hand on my shoulder to say fret not my son, everything is going to be ok; you're home now.

This is the most fun I have had in a long time. Here is the sell, it's insanesly cheap. Once you by two or three discs at $7 a pop all of you cost is gone. You can get more equipment as you go but initially it's all you need. It's free to play at 9 of 10 courses. There are multiple courses within 30-40min of virtually everyone. If you are in Rural western Ky head to BG or O-boro. It is a great way to get outside and do something like you haven't really done as a kid; the difference between this and golf is that you are in the middle of the woods not on manicured greens. For me this is back to my roots. You can play solo or in a group. All skill levels are welcome and can be somewaht competive especially at first. Fitness level plays no role. So like a few other sports the biggest or fastest person doesn't win.

I've got to tell you I am hooked. The feelings was the same for me and golf, but the difference for me is spelled out above low cost, more competitive at amateur skill levels, fewer people playing and therefore in your way, and it's jsut kind of cool to do something that is only modestly in the main stream.

The whole issue with choosing from hundreds of discs is cool. I'll give this brief overview that I got from a couple of websites. When you throw the disc (right handed backwards for left) at the end of the throw it tails off to the left. Discs are varying degrees of stable, overstable, and understable. Stable goes the straightest. Overstable tails even sharper to the left. Understable goes to the right. Starting out you need all stable discs made for at least middle distance and short distance. Even at my extremely amateur level I can tell a difference in my three discs.

This is great fun and reccomend this to anyone who could possibly even consider it. For three disks you are basically invested for 25 dollars which is probably cheaper than greens fees for a round of golf.

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