Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lost is losing me...

So Piccu and I checked out this week's episode of Lost and I can honestly say, if there ever was a show built for TiVo and DVR it's Lost.

Not to spoil anything for anyone, but last week all we wanted to know was, what was going on in the hatch. They finally got us up to that point and finally got us in the blasted thing and then left an interesting cliff hanger. Something from Jack's past has caught up with him.

So coming in this week I figured they were going to delve into the raft that was blown up at the end of last season, but I was OK with progressing that part of the story. Unfortunately, what was going on with the 3 guys on the raft after Walt was kidnapped was essentially nothing. Chen was missing and the other two were helping each other then fighting each other and making my head hurt.

We also got to see all of the uninteresting and pointless details of how Walt was taken from his father, the dude from HBO's Oz. I can't remember his name, but who cares. Of all of the questions that are floating around that viewers want answered, what happened during the legal proceeding of Walt's parental custody hearings wasn't one of them. We knew that Walt was adopted by his mother's husband, we knew that after she died he wanted nothing to do with Walt because he was a means to get into his mother's pants.

They explained all of that last year, so why did they decide to waste 30 minutes on this storyline FROM LAST SEASON?!!?

It's mind numbing. They wasted 40 minutes of the show before they got back into progressing the overall story on the island and they didn't do much with the last 20 minutes either.

What it boils down to is that if you caught the first 10 minutes and the last 20 you actually saw more than you really needed to see. The rest of it was rehashing what we saw last week and cutting room floor material from last season.

Piccu seems to think that Invasion is too slow, but I'm a little happier with it because they are sticking to one story and pushing it along. No flashbacks and no splitting off characters into their own adventures. They aren't answering many questions that we are having, but they are setting things up in a fairly orderly process.

Lost reminds me of the Itchy & Scratchy Movie from the Simpson's. It had a tag line that said, "Made with 52% new material".

Only Lost can't make the grade on the 52% mark.

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