Friday, September 30, 2005

The IQ in Ohio County is destined to surpass all of KY maybe the world.

I read an article in USA Today while sitting in the sauna today. The jist of the whole article is that Identy theft has gone through the roof recently in large part because of meth users. Meth is a cheap easy to make and easy to buy subsitute for several other drugs and entered the county in the same tradition as when uncle Doc looked to Nashville, TN to find heroin and revolutionize illicit drug use in the county. I don't have to tell Ohio Countians that the county is eat up with (provided it is a soft edentulate diet-- pun definitely intended for the meth mouthers) meth use and sales. The article outlined the increase in computer hacking identity theft throughout the country and the very significant percent of meth users doing so to finance their meth. This is going on all around us. Apparently these computer "geniuses" are also heading up large amounts of online computer auctions with stolen items.

Now by these trends, Ohio County is the next Seattle, Washington and the meth labs are the next microsoft. And all of these people will be obtaining the identities of people around you. Maybe even some of our own adminstrators have been taken over by some meth addicts. Either that or they're just dumbasses. I'm not sure about the first conjecture, the second? Well, you be the judge.

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