Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm truly ashamed of myself...

For probably at least 4 months or more I haven't watched hardly any TV at night. I can usually make it home for ESPN's Around the Horn and PTI at 4 p.m. with an hour of Seinfeld reruns on TBS following those shows, but I don't usually watch anything after that. I usually jump on the Internet, listen to music and surf until my heart is concent before then listening to XM radio when it's bedtime, bedtime.

Well, tonight I broke that tradition and at this point I really wish that I had a wife or girlfriend to blame it on like Merlin, but alas I cannot. Somehow, some way, I got into Dancing With the Stars. Just typing the name makes me want to delete this and never speak of it again, but I'll keep going and see what happens.

The worst part about this is that the show I started watching was a rerun from last week and then this week's came on right after it. And I watched all of it. (This is getting worse.)

It was kind of like watching a car crash in that you want to look away but can't. The whole time you are sitting there saying to yourself, "Why am I watching this?" Like when you and your buddies in college used to watch Kiana's Flex Appeal each morning on ESPN before class after Sportscenter. Or was that just JoJo and me? I digress.

I do see how they make it work though. First of all, every chick on there is hot and John O'Hurley is hilarious. You all may know him as J. Peterman from Seinfield. The woman he is dancing with is older than the others that were in it, but it would look odd for him to be dancing with a 20-something chick.

The second thing that it's got going for it is that all of the women that are dancing, celebrity or pro dancer, wear next to nothing half of the time and wardrobe malfunctions have occurred.

I guess what I'm getting at is that the women on this show are pretty much the only reason to watch if you are a guy. John O'Hurley is going to win in the finale next week, but he's funny and a pretty good dancer as it turns out, so there is a reason to watch him. He is fighting Kelly Monaco, I believe it's Kelly, in the finals. She is a soap opera actress and is incredibly hot as well, so she's worth watching.

Unfortunately, the public ousted Joey McIntyre, of New Kids on the block fame, from the competition tonight. The only reason he was worth having around was because he had the hottest chick on the show dancing with him. And she actually verbally reprimanded a judge of the competition for saying their dancing wasn't a proper fox trot.

Other than the chicks and John O'Hurley, another thing that is funny is the crazy music they pick to have this orchestra play. I'm willing to bet that Eye of the Tiger is never played in ballroom dancing competitions, but it is on this show.

And since we are talking about celebrities here, you always are looking for someone to fall and concuss themselves or something. That was the original reason I started watching. They said the dancing there were fixing to do was tough and I figured, "Why not?" Kind of like figure skating, the only reason anyone watches figure skating is for that big fall. If they don't fall, ratings suffer.

Anyway, I'm ashamed of myself and I can't believe I watched, but you'll get a chance to watch it next week and next season because the BBC created the original show or this show itself and whatever the BBC touches turns to gold.

Gold, Jerry! GOLD!

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