Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tom Cruise is an idiotic fairy.

I don't know where to begin.

Cruise made a fool of himself on the Today Show. Unfortunately, there are people who are ignorant enough to just follow what he says blindly. Much like the entire following of the "faith" of scientology. Obviously research is out there proving the efficacy of multiple drug treatments for multiple types of psychiatric disorders.

Depression has many causes and most people with depression have several contributing factors. For starters, "vitamins" will help patients who have vitamin deficiencies leading to psychiatric disorders, and beyond that there is no proof that it will help anyone else. Another note on vitamins s that it is a supplement, which means that no matter what they put on their label it is not regulated by the FDA. In other words, you can fill a vitamin jar with dirt and put whatever you want on the label. I do believe there are good supplements out there and I do take multivitamins. But it is not a primary treatment for depression. Second in this treatment of depression are the drugs. Studies prove the efficacy; enough said. Third is psychotherapy. Studies show this to be equally effective to drugs. Fourth, studies show that psychotherapy and medication together is the most effective way to treat depression.

Finally is the issue of exercise. I did a literature review of this in my third year in med school and it turns out that several studies show that it works. It didn't matter whether it was weightlifting, running, or whatever. The studies were limited and debatably flawed in several cases, but I believe it does work. The details I do not know and may do my own work in the area in the next few years. We'll see.

The bottom line is Cruise is wrong.

Oh, and the fairy bit, he went to highschool and was openly a gay thesbian. He also allegedly refused to sleep with Nichole Kidman. Does anyone have any idea how much money he will make from this publicity and the engagement publicity. A friend of mine made the comment that he would sleep with Tom Cruise for that many millions of dollars.

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