Friday, June 03, 2005

The first day of freedom... And it rocks!

Yesterday was a very bad day for me. First of all, I had to go to work which is somewhat at the root of it all where my POS computer caused me to lose a month of photos. Second, I've needed to get some photos for some people printed at a local supercenter (hint,hint) and the their super cool printing machine has been down for about 10 days. And third, my XM radio receiver was broken and since I couldn't find my receipt and I had to send off the bar codes for the buy one get one free deal, they couldn't take it back. Meaning I was down a C-note. And on top of that the people at XM were fighting me on my free radio.

Coming into the day I was looking alright. Last day of work before a good long vacation and it just went straight down the tubes. The supercenter's photo machine was working again so my buddy and I went to get some photos before we headed to get a story.

We loaded up our photos and while I waited for him the service desk was telling me I was SOL on the radio and to just grin and bear it. So I was immediately mad as a hornet.

When we get back from getting the story to pick up our photos, my buddy gets his and when I ask for mine the girl tells me that she couldn't get mine to transfer into the machine and on top of that, the machine was now broken. Again.

I was ready to murder some people yesterday and since I was already paying for my XM radio service I went and bought yet another XM radio receiver in a fit of rage thinking that good radio would calm me down. I was clearly thinking that the way the day was going I wouldn't make it home alive.

Today is a new day. About 1 a.m. this morning I finished Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and saved the world on my Mac by stopping Hitler dead in his tracks and I then went to sleep listening to my beloved XM radio.

So I get up this morning in enough time to catch Combat! on the Action Channel on TV and that's always a good thing. Then, while I'm watching, Piccu walks in and tells me he found the old receipt for my broken radio. Now I can just send in the new bar codes and get my other radio.

So I saved the world, didn't have to go to work, got to watch some good Combat! and got a $100 refund for the broken XM radio a few minutes ago since I bought the last one they had in stock yesterday.

It can't get any better and it's officially Miller time.

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