Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The leather hit the gym floor tonight.

Who ever said high school basketball ends sometime during March hasn't visited Gaffney, SC. Tonight, I witnessed the end of a game as exciting and spirited as any regional final I have witnessed in Western Ky. The Gaffney summer rec league was underway in full swing tonight. I should start by setting the scene. Imagine any descent sized elementary school gym (for those Ohio Countians, about twice the seating or more of Western Elementary) completely packed with standing room only. It wasn't state championship. It wasn't even a rec league championship. Just another night of good ole fashioned rec league ball. Oh, I should also mention that I was there because Jennifer's 9th grade cousin was invited to join the League. Furthermore, he is the only white player. Further still, in a gym with between 2 and 3 hundred I counted 7 white people including the cousin playing, my wife, her aunt and uncle, myself and two other random fans.

The game I went to watch wasn't close so it was just an ok game. I got to see the end of the game before though. One team came back from a 7 point deficit to tie it up with 22seconds left. The other team got the ball and a kid with two dunks already, broke away for his third dunk to bring down the house. Well, we all waited patiently for him to get there, but somewhere along the way, one of the defenders had a different idea. How in god's name he caught the guy I don't know, but he proceeded to jump out of the gym and a send a missle out into the crowd. Let me tell you, no one was sitting in the house. Immediately the ball was thrown back in, stolen away and with the remaining 20 seconds the the comeback kids made it to the other end, moved the ball around a bit, and finally dropped in a bomb from the rafters. He indeed was shooting daggers.

All of this and it was just rec league; 2-3 times a week for the summer.

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