Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Why would anyone want to be on MTV's Real World...

Why would anyone even think that they would want to be on the Real World? Anyone in their right mind has to know that it's set up for trouble. However, after seeing a bit of the Real World Lauch Special today on MTV, I have realized that anyone in their right mind, or somewhat right mind, wouldn't make the cut to be on the show.

This show started out as an MTV sociology experiment. Put seven different people together in and see how they react to living with each other. For the first few seasons not many paid much attention to the show. The only reason any of us started watching was because a guy from a town near us made the show.

After watching a few seasons we all realized that they had a formula. You get a white boy frat guy, a lesbian, a gay guy, a black guy and a black girl. Those types of people have to be there. You can combine some of these by having a black gay guy or something like that, but these elements must be present. Then you have to get someone from the south, the deeper the better, and the rest of them can just be diverse, but they must be good looking. If they will consider sleeping with any human being they come in contact with that also puts them ahead of the pack.

If you also have a few alcohol related arrests on file that puts you even closer to making the cut. Nothing big, but you have to show them that the only occasion you need to drink is that you're alive and upright. And if you come out and openly announce that you are not in anyway prejudice toward anyone, you're in. If you have to announce you don't hate some people, you probably hate some people. And around week 5, it'll be out in the open.

Now it seems like MTV has added another criteria to becoming one of the magnificent seven. You have to be emotionally scarred somehow. Some of these people come in and you can just tell that they have had some trials in their lives. Whether they have been raped, molested, lost a parent or loved one, watched someone die of cancer or was there when their best friend was shot, they have had something in their lives that altered them in the blink of an eye.

Then when they get to the house for the show they are deprived of a lot of the things they take for granted like TV and other forms of entertainment and are given an open bar. This way all they have to do during the day is drink and talk. So by the second or third week they've gotten past the chit-chat and they delve into subjects that only God and they know about.

The last couple of Real Worlds were pretty bad, but what I've seen on MTV about this new one in Austin is going to take the cake. Between emotional breakdowns, hospital runs and trips to jail, they probably won't even make it to the first day of the job.

What happens if they are picked up by the Federales in Mexico?

What it boils down to now is that if you are actually chosen to be on the Real World and you consider yourself to be a normal person, you had better take a long look in the mirror.

Because of the several hundred thousand people who sent in tapes, they decided you were crazy enough to be "interesting" TV.

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