Thursday, June 23, 2005

I told you so...

I caught the first episode of MTV's Real World last night and like Piccu said when we started watching, I think this show is going to make my head hurt.

The first episode is always the same. Send a guy to pick up a girl or vice versa and get some footage of the guy talking about how he would love to hook up with her. The chick could be a cyclops and you'd still get that confessional footage of "I could see myself hooking up with her. Definately."

We did have a first in the show last night in that one of the girls declared that she is a nymphomaniac. At least she's honest.

So the climax of the first episode is a nice brawl outside of a club. What is the cause of the brawl? There were several contributing factors.

The first was bad information from a drunk roommate. Second, was a sober roommate leaving the club because the drunk roommate was, like myself, making his head hurt. Third, was the fact that everyone in the city where the show is being filled hates the Real World cast. And since they travel with a substantial camera crew, they aren't hard to find.

Without getting into too many specifics, the drunk roommate was fighting with the only sober roommate and told the two drunk frat boys that someone was trying to fight the sober roommate after he left the club.

The frat boys think that the sober roommate is dead in a gutter since they couldn't find him and before you know it other drunk club goers are starting to get a little unruly. So when the frat boys go after one of the club goers, a couple of guys grab one of them from behind and caves in a portion of his skull. Literally.

The conclusion of the show involved a trip to the hospital with a swollen eye and questions about whether the Real Worlder was going to lose his sight in one eye. The doctor also told him he needs surgery to fix his head. But the drunken nurse of the cast did realize that they needed to go to the hospital, so she gets a gold star for noticing the divot on the side of his head.

Like the drunken nurse said at the end of the show, "It's day two and we are going to the hospital."

I told you so.

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