Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Since gas is 8 bucks a gallon, perhaps we should look elsewhere...

Apparently the experts are thinking that since oil prices are skyrocketing, maybe that will make it more competitive for bio fuels. Ya think?

Without getting into a rant, maybe we need a billionaire soybean tycoon in the White House so we can look into biodiesel a little harder. You can get biodiesel here at local farming centers. The only problem with it is that is gels like molasses in the winter which means that your diesel vehicles and farm machinery won't run. Normal diesel can sometime do this, but it takes a heck of a cold snap to do that.

Anyway, now you can only get biodiesel mixed in with regular diesel at 2 percent, but that supposedly increases engine lubrication by something like 66 percent. And you can just pour this stuff on the ground if you need to get rid of it because it's just soybean squeezin's.

We should all be looking into diesel vehicles anyway because they get 25 percent better fuel economy anyway. And on top of that, even a small diesel engine has a ton of power. Way more than a normal gas engine could produce.

Take the little 2.8 liter 4 cylinder diesel engine in the Jeep Liberty for example. Everyone talks about horsepower when it comes to engines, but torque is what makes your beast move. Torque is what greasy men refer to as stump-pulling power and the little Jeep 4 cylinder diesel is pushing almost 300 lbs of it. You'd have to get a fullsize Ford or Chevy truck with a substantial V-8 to get that much power and instead this engine is tucked under the hood of a 3,000 pound Jeep instead of a 6,000 truck.

So how much better would the gas mileage be in a your car if it dropped almost half of it's weight and half of it's engine but still managed the same power?

And all that the scientists of this country have to do to make corn the hottest commodity in the world and astronomically reduce the world's oil consumption is figure a way to keep the bean squeezin's from turning into Jello.

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