Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Two movies in one day you say, that's insanity

Piccu, Bratch, and I met up last Friday for an outing that would have killed a mortal being: we watched two movies at the theater in one day! Insanity you say, well maybe not you but Jennifer might. She wasn't up for two movies so she and the James Duo met us for the second one.

First on the list was The Longest Yard. I go on record up front saying that I have yet to see the older version and I believe it is the feelings of my comrades that it was much better than this remake. In that situation or one where I have read the book first, I am usually highly critical. Since I am not yet in that position, I can say that I enjoyed it, Sandler was much better than I expected (compared to what I imagine a young Burt Reynolds would be), and it is worth your time. If there is anything else at the theater you want to see then this one could wait until it is rentable.

Mr and Mrs Smith was viewed by all six of us, and I think most of us liked it. I think Pitt is underrated as a talented actor (or overshadowed by his looks). Jolie is also very talented. With that said, they played the roles they were given, easily pulling off the ultra-cool characters they portrayed. But for what it was (a fully loaded action films complete with comical cheesy lines) it was good. This is a better choice in the theater than the first because explosions just look better on the big screen.

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