Friday, June 03, 2005

What about The Lords of Dogtown...

I was watching TV tonight and I noticed that a movie had popped up that I forgot about and didn't realize that it came out today. It's called the Lords of Dogtown.

For those of you who don't know, the Lords of Dogtown is about a group of radical SoCal skaters who revolutionized the sport of skateboarding back in the 70's. I had always heard of a place called Dogtown and I knew that it was associated with skateboarding but I really never knew what it was all about.

That is until the Independent Film Channel presented me with an opportunity to watch a documentary called Dogtown and Z-Boys. The Z-Boys were the skaters and Dogtown is what they called L.A. in the summer because it was so hot. I think that is right, but I remember exactly. It was a really great documentary because these were just kids doing something that they loved and pioneered what we see today on ESPN's X-Games.

Now what the Z-Boys were doing back in the day wasn't anything compared to what is being done now, but it all started back in Dogtown. Everyone gets to see how skaters push the envelope in skating and the Z-Boys are the reason there is an envelope to begin with.

They went around and scouted out locations of rich houses that had in-ground swimming pools. Then when the owners left, they would drain the pool and skate it all day long until either the owners came home or the cops showed up. Then they decided to start going to skate competitions which were rare in the beginning. However when they showed up and skated they were doing things that people had never seen. While others were rolling nice sweeping lines they were making hard turns like they did when they surfed.

Of course there were problems that came with their fame and fortune, but that's what makes it a good story.

I just might go check out The Lords of Dogtown simply because the documentary was so good.

If anything check out the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys. It's on IFC fairly regularly and if Piccu and I check out The Lords of Dogtown, we'll give you a review.

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