Thursday, June 02, 2005

Idol recording..

It seems that the top two "idols" from American Idol are inking recording contracts.

I'm glad that they are going to be making their millions, but you have to wonder what Bo Bice is going to think about all of this in a few months or years. Carrie Underwood wants to get into country music so she is ready to have songs handed to her. Bice, on the other hand, strikes me as the kind of guy that would like to get a solid band together and make some music instead of getting lyrics and sheet music 2 weeks before hitting the studio. I doubt that he's going to easily become acclimated to the "pop" lifestyle instead of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

Bice said in the article linked above that his album will be coming out soon even though he didn't know anything about it. If I was serious about making a run a becoming a rock star I would probably leave out quotes about how I knew nothing about my album that will be out soon. He might as well say that the record company is finalizing all of the great songs he's not heard and then eventually they are going to let him sing on it and put his name on the cover. See, not very rock 'n' rollish especially when you have no input in the record whatsoever.

It's kind of funny how people are OK with the artists they listen to not being involved in much of the music with the exception of the vocals. They basically walk in the studio and the producer tells them how to sing it and then they go home and let the producers work their magic with computers and studio musicians.

To me, I need you to get involved a little bit. If you didn't write the lyrics, write the music. If you didn't write the music at least bring in some lyrics and at least play a little rhythm guitar in it or something. I'll even take a tamborine.

Why Country Music sucks

Country music is all about packaging and gimmics. If you have the "country" voice, you had better have the good looks because that's what it takes. If you can sing, look good and at least hold a guitar properly, you're in. You don't even have to play the guitar, just threaten to every now and again before the chorus where you swing it behind you.

But I have to give country music some credit, they have a solid formula that appeals to a lot of people. I however can't get into a song called "Redneck Woman" or a song by Shania Twain that sounds like a Def Leppard tune. And no, the fact that Shania Twain is hot doesn't increase the song's appeal.

I guess what I hate the most about country music is that they'll base a whole song around a catch-phrase and that gives off a wierd vibe to me. It makes it seem like they got a focus group together and the group really responded to the line "we'll put a boot in your @$$" in a song written for the soldiers overseas. So that song will be a single for Toby Keith because he's currently wringing every last dollar out of that gimmic.

"Save a horse, ride a cowboy." Huge song. Multi-platinum selling song. One of the performers doesn't even sing in it. He just talks loud over the singer and looks creepy. But the title is catchy, somewhat dirty and filled with just enough innuendo to make a half drunk redneck sing it at the top of his lungs and call it the greatest song ever when it's over.

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