Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Batman began alright...

I had several people tell me that Batman Begins was a pretty good movie, but I don't think that I expected it to be a good as it actually was. It may end up like Pirates of the Caribbean was for me last year. Maybe not the "best" movie of the year, but probably the most entertaining by far.

I had a friend of mine say that he would probably have liked to have seen more of Scarecrow or Alfred or some of the other characters, but we were learning about how Bruce Wayne became Batman. We get to see the evolution of his weapons and toys. So you kind of have to focus on just Batman.

I do know that I'm growing tired of Katie Holmes. I realize that she's probably going to end up being a big time "It girl" soon, but one thing in this movie kind of annoyed me. Since Holmes works the girl next door vibe better than anyone on the planet we can let her have that, but for some reason she always seemed to be giving this coy half smile all the time. Occasionally she would actually give us a smile, but for the most part it seemed like the director probably had to always film her right side. Otherwise there was a chance that she could showing that she was fairly happy and we would never know it.

Her performance was pretty good anyway and most everyone, with the exception of Batman, really had limited roles.

However, after seeing Katie Holmes on the big screen for the first time, I think that as she ages and loses that girl next door vibe, it won't be pretty.

And that saddens me a great deal.

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