Sunday, June 05, 2005

So begins another chapter...

We're in! Finally we are "completely" in the new house. The furniture came in on Friday night at about eight. By nine we were relaxed on our new leather coach watching the fifth season of Cheers.

The neighborhood is fairly great so far. We are in the middle of town only minutes from work, yet there are evergreens everywere. When I stand on the front porch and look down the street, I can only see woods surrounding the end of the neighborhood. It is ver reminiscent of the rural road my parents live on. We were running a few days ago and out in the middle of this street with woods on both sides of the road was a giant snapping turtle (which I side-stepped). Still though it is a very cool neighborhood as far as non rural areas go.

The next chapter of our new house and of our life will begin tomorrow: cable television. The average Joe would say "what's the big deal?" We haven't had more than four stations in the last three years, and I'm not sure when I had cable before that. In addition, a measily $5 amonth gets us two channel simultaneous DVR capabilities. We are indeed pretty stoked about that too.

To our humble home in Columbia, SC; welcome to the 21st century

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