Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Today, I met all of the residents I will be working with for the next few years. I also met a couple of attendings and the chair of our department. For some reason, the world shrunk today as I talked with people about Kentucky and how someone new so and so and so on and on. Within that room there were several people, whom I we either had friends in common in Kentucky or people I have met other places around. So it brought me to analogy of with my past that I had expereinced and enjoyed so much. When I was in high school I met people through tennis and academic team and other random ways. It was always great knowing people from around so that as I met new people I could connect better with them by finding our friends in common. Then I went on to WKU and there went to school with some of the friends I had made and made many new connection through them. The point is that it felt exactly like starting college today; making the new connections. By now I have friends who are in virtually every line of work you can think of. So when I have an eye problem I call one of the five optometrists I know and get advice before going in. When I need to know about car mechanics, I have people to call too. So on and so forth. The beauty of this it is exactly how small town America works. Growing up we were all somebodies "boy" or "grandson." It makes it easier when you need help so that people will bend over backwards for you and you can have the opportunity to do that for them too. And it is rewarding to help someone, but it is more so when it is a friend (or a friend of a friend). So today, began "smalltowning" the entire country; with connections that I will have from now on. Now Dr. So and so in Florida feels a lot more like Dr. so and so in the next town over.

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