Thursday, June 23, 2005

2 Rules of psychiatry

Apparently, there are two rules in psychiatry that are the only two hard fast rules that exsist. One of them must be for all of the medical practice as they have repeated it in every lecture we have had for a week now.

Rule #1: Don't have sex with your patients.

Rule #2: Once a patient always a patient.

We also learned that psychiatry as a whole is the most likely specialty to break rule number 1; thank god it isn't pathology.

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BRATCH said...

I have a problem with each of the two rules.

First, it worries me that incoming psychiatry residents, who have had decades of education, have to be told in lecture after lecture to not have sex with their patients. That just means that it happens often enough that they must keeping telling the residents not to do it everyday.

Second, instead of having patients always be patients, why not cure some of them for a change. LOL Buck the system a bit.