Monday, August 01, 2005

Rafael Palmeiro violated MLB's drug policy, appears to be steroids.

Breaking news right here on Incongruent-Affect, according to the USA Today, Rafael Palmeiro has been suspended for violating MLB’s drug policy. He will miss the required 10 games and perhaps has sullied what until this point has been a Hall of Fame caliber career.

For something like this to happen following the turmoil caused by Jose Canseco’s book is shocking to me. I am not sure what Palmeiro was busted for, but sources have told ESPN that it was a steroid. Palmeiro stood before congress and the world and proclaimed his innocence after Canseco fingered him as a steroid user. He convinced me. How many of you did he convince?

If you are a regular reader of this site, you know I had written a very favorable piece on Palmeiro and his deserving to be in the Hall of Fame. Now, I am not so sure. I may have to rethink all my stances on who would be in the Hall of Fame, especially those players who played in the “Steroid Era.” Palmeiro just showed he doesn’t have a Hall of Fame mind to be busted for steroids at this time in the sport’s history. I have to believe he is on something.

Another question that comes to mind is should Palmeiro be worried about having perjury charges brought against him? Did he not testify before congress under oath that he never used steroids? He might have some jail time to worry about. Another question, does steroid use cause sexual dysfunction? Palmeiro is a well known Viagra spokesman.

Things seem to becoming clearer as this story emerges. I hope there is a reasonable explanation for this, but I fear that Palmeiro thought he could pull the horsehide over our eyes. Unfortunately for him, we can see clearly now.

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