Friday, August 05, 2005

Russian subs and

The only time you ever hear about a Russian submarine is when it ends up on the bottom of the ocean with many men looking at dying a horrible death. At some point you have to wonder if it's really worth it for the Russians. I'll bet they have to force soldiers at gun point to sign up for sub duty.

The last time we heard about a Russian sub there were many more lives lost than we are looking at right now. Now we are only talking about seven men, but some fisherman's net is the whole reason why they are in this mess. A fishing net!

My oldest brother was in the Marines back in the 80's and a Russian sub ran into the ship he was stationed aboard. I talked with him tonight and he has photos of the accident. I don't know that I ever knew much or thought much about it when it happened, but back then I'll bet it was a pretty tense situation given the climate of U.S./Russian relations at that time.

I'm hoping they can get that sub off of the bottom of the ocean, but it's going to be tough. It's under 625 feet of water and no man can go that deep or swim up from that depth.

On a lighter note, Piccu and I had lunch together today and when he walked into my office he asked me what I did to our little blog here. I asked him what he was talking about and he noted that this morning we had roughly 730 or so hits and by noon we were pushing 6,000.

So after snooping around we found out that one of my first posts on the blog back in May got linked up to a pretty cool website called From there it sent a ton of people to this blog to read my little ramblings on the Hydristor and how it could help us keep the vehicles we love and double the gas mileage so we didn't have to drive those teeny little hybrids.

What happens at is the users/readers post stories they have found on blogs and other websites that they think are interesting. Somehow we got linked up there. I guess someone thought we were interesting.

So as the kids say, big ups and mad props to

We were livin' the dream there for about 12 hours, but hopefully we picked up a few more readers who can stand reading our ramblings here at the Incongruent-Affect.

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