Monday, August 29, 2005

Suge Knight shot at Kanye West's party. I would rather take my chances with Hurrican Katrina.

What do you do if you wanted to die, but couldn’t bring yourself to commit suicide? Well, shooting Suge Knight in the leg at a party is a good start. Mr. Knight was at a party hosted by everyone’s new favorite rapper, Kanye West. The reason I believe that this is a man who just wants to die but can’t commit suicide is because the assailant fired six shots and hit Mr. Knight in the leg. I would have to believe that if I wanted to kill someone, and that someone was as big as a house, I think with six shots, I could hit more than his leg.

Don’t know who Suge Knight is? Check the article on the shooting I have linked to my piece. Here are some highlights. He ran a record company name Death Row. He has been in and out of prison like 100 times in the last 10 years. He has been known to associate with the Bloods. Don’t know them? You must not be a gangsta rap fan. He allegedly held Vanilla Ice by his feet over the ledge of a balcony high above a city street to get the publishing rights to his music. He is alleged to have been behind the murder of the Notorious B.I.G. Now all of this is alleged and I am only reporting this, not accusing anyone. I don’t want the wrong people to take this the wrong way. I want to live!!! Now back to the article.

The police are baffled that no one seems to have seen or heard anything. I would have thought that everyone at a party thrown by a rapper that was attended by many other rappers would be more than ready and willing to help law enforcement officials find this man. I am also sure that most at the party realize that if this isn’t taken care of the RIGHT way, meaning not the police, court, and prison route, then they too may end up like this hopelessly hapless shooter is sure to end. I am sure Mr. Knight has never seen the shooter before and wouldn’t know any reason why someone would do this to him.

Police say that the shooter’s identifying characteristics were that he was a black man in a pink shirt. Heck, that sounds like Kanye West to me, but he seems like a smart guy. Perhaps it was a Kanye imposter. Maybe the shooter thought that because he was wearing a pink shirt, that the rest of the guests at the party would be so appalled at his fashion sense they wouldn’t even bother to look at his face. But, if this is a man on a suicide mission as I believe, then he was banking on the party guests seeing his shirt and then looking at his face to see if they knew him and then would be able to disavow any knowledge of knowing him.

By now, I’m sure someone has informed Mr. Knight’s camp of the identity of the shooter and if this man is not suicidal as I believe, then he should be escaping to the eye of Hurricane Katrina. That may be the only safe place for him right now. This situation reminds me of a line I heard in a movie the other night and it might be something I would say to the man who took a shot a Mr. Knight, “I wouldn’t give a plug nickel for your life right now.” I bet we will be hearing about an unidentified body that is floating in the ocean in the Miami area very soon. The only identifying characteristics will be a black man in a pink shirt with holes in it.

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