Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Being Bobby Brown... It's pretty scary

I've seen the show a few times, but I can never seem to finish one. See I'm the kind of person that feels embarrassed for people who have no idea how embarrassed they should be. And this kind of falls into that category.

The Osbornes were somewhat like this, but after a while you could tell that something may not have been quite what it seemed. Kind of like Viva La Bam is now on MTV. You kind of thought that they were scripting stuff, but now there's no doubt. It's still funny even though it's only funny when they are messing with each other.

Anyway, Being Bobby Brown is a show about former pop star (and I use that term loosely) Bobby Brown and his wife Whitney Houston. Also starring their child who will soon be in therapy.

While the show is promoted as being about Bobby Brown, it's actually more centered around the lifestyle of Bobby Brown that turned America's sweetheart, Whitney Houston, into a crackhead. Even though the receipts from her purchases of the crack still haven't surfaced.

And you do notice that things aren't right around the Brown Estate. You see Whitney sitting around sometimes fidgeting and restless and smoking cigarettes like they are soon going to be as out of style as she is. The do nothing but loaf and drink followed by arguments and yelling followed by more loafing and drinking.

And everyone remembers Whitney Houston as being that shy looking girl who made songs your mom would listen to. Now she looks and acts like a regular cast member of The Jerry Springer Show . And the worst part about this is that they wanted this. Those camera guys just didn't show up at Bobby Brown's house to film the carnage.

That's right folks, someone actually thought this would be a good idea and Bobby signed off on it. Someone said, "Hey Bobby, we would like to make a reality series based on your life. All of your crazy nights out on the town, any run-ins with the law you might have and the occational court appearance."

And Bobby replied, "Cool."

So now we get to see exactly what life is like when really stupid people get money. And some of the things they say are the best. My personal favorite was, following a court appearance where he got off easy, Bobby mentioned at a restaurant to the camera that he never wanted to have to go back to court for harming or threatening his wife.

Now I don't really have a problem with this statement on the surface, but generally I like to think that one of my goals in life is to not show up in court at all for any reason. It's noble for him to say that he doesn't want to hit his wife, or at least not get caught, but that means that everyone else is fair game at this point.

And I'm not comfortable with that.

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