Sunday, August 21, 2005

Woodstock Weekend...

For those of you who don't have VH1 Classic on your satellite or cable, they have been showing Woodstock the movie all weekend followed by a Dick Cavett Show that interviewed some of the musicians right after it happened. VH1 Classic is a pretty cool little channel in that they show nothing but music videos and concerts and things like this all of the time.

I haven't been able to catch all of the movie and in fact I haven't see all of it if only collectively. It's a neat little film since considering how much work had to go into it. No telling how much it cost to make. Granted it wasn't a big budget movie, but film itself is expensive, much less the cameras and crew. Today you could buy 10 high quality HD digital video cameras for what it most likely cost for just the undeveloped film used back in '69.

However, what struck me about the film was all of the interviews they did during the movie. They talked to a lot of young people and they all loved to talk. And they were trying to come off as intellectuals since they had probably gotten high on the campuses of many of our best institutions of high learning. But the funny part about most of them is that they would contradict themselves on every subject they spoke about if given enough time. Especially if someone around them would throw in their 2 cents. They loved to try to explain the world and why they were there more than the cast members of the Real World love to explain how they came to be who they are. Or more importantly, what they're about. Even though you never really hear what they are about, so much as what they are not "about".

And lastly, the other thing that really interests me about this movie is what do these people who were interviewed and who talked for 10 minutes about the study of yoga that can get you high, tell their children when they see them?

Like the two guys who were asking the guys filming about why the media isn't reporting about the "Man" and his airplanes seeding the clouds to make it rain? Why didn't they report about that, man?

Or better, the three long haired dudes walking down a muddy path buck naked when they are stopped and are asked questions about the concert. How can they tell their kids not to do this or that? They were at Woodstock and probably drove a thousand miles to a concert where there wasn't enough food or clean water for ticket holders much less the people that crashed the party.

Here is how that little showdown would go:

Dad: Are you high?

Kid: I just tried at little pot.

Dad: That's it, you are grounded until you can actually score some good weed in college!

Kid: Well at least I wasn't interviewed while stoned and naked in a rain storm at Woodstock in a documentary that has been seen by the entire world!

Dad: ... Touche.

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