Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sideshows, coming to an intersection near you?

I heard on NPR the other day about sideshows. Apparently, in Oakland, CA there are these underground car trick shows that take place late at night. It sounds like the word gets out where and when; then people just show up. There have been multiple complaints about the shows. For one is the obvious noise issue, if it is in your neighborhood. Another blanket issue is safety. I agree with the concept that people standing around only feet away from this is a bad idea. I saw one clip where people were inches away from the action. The interviews of the police further extrapolated increases in rape and sexual assault. I am not exactly clear if there is any data to support this or if this is one of those ghost stories for scaring people away.

Despite the risks and illegal-ness of the whole thing, I must admit it is pretty cool. One guy is now profitting off it with a film called "Sideways." Before you start saying that you don't remember that happening at any wine tasting, this is a different movie.

Check out the clips.

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