Monday, August 01, 2005

First photo...

I've been meaning to post a photo for a while now, but frankly I forgot about it.

Anyway, back on July 13 in a post I entitled "We have a new number 1" I talked about a standoff I covered that involved a guy who had threatened to commit suicide. It was my second standoff that I've covered, but it was probably the most exciting thing I've had the opportunity to cover since joining the newspaper. So I called it my number one coolest event that I've had the chance to be a part of and here is the photo that we put on the front page.

This guy is being hit with the tazer electrodes by the cop in the black uniform. We were probably out there for an hour in the rain and I was tucked in behind a police cruiser wondering if the glass was bullet proof. I did decide that if I saw a gun I was going to attempt to shoot pictures through the underside of the car if the grass wasn't too high, but luckily he left his shotgun in the Jeep when he crawled out.

I'm hoping that this can get an award at the KPA Newspaper contest in the spot news photography category. I know you are probably thinking that this photo isn't really anything special, but spot news is something you can plan around. It happens and ou just hope you can get in close and that you don't get forced away by the police and I had no business being that close anyway.

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