Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Weekly snapshots of small town America.

As we have mentioned here at Inconguent-Affect, the writers are a bit diverse with a small town in western Kentucky holding them together (and family tree). Both Piccu and Bratch are involved in a weekly publication known as The Ohio County Times-News. This weekly paper is one of the best small town papers you will ever read. It continues to fill it's pages with increasingly interesting photographs and caption. I think this is the strongest part of the paper for a "lay" reader. You get to see a clear picture of the interworkings of a small town rural community. This not only done by quality photos, but also by improved writing. There is space reserved to here about who's child's birthday it is and whose 25th or 50th wedding anniversary has come up, but by and large there is a significant portion of "real" news. The commentaries are also increasingly interesting, and one of which you can read here on this blog by piccu. As in any small town, local sports dominate the local entertainment. This is proportionally so represented in the paper. My grandmother has given me a subscription to the paper since my move from the county. Although I do know many of the people in it. There are many I do not. Still, if you want to see how small town America operates then check it out. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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