Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A little drop of heaven.

Get ready everyone because the sequel to one of the most exciting action packed movies of all time is coming soon. That’s right; finally the “geniuses” who run Hollywood actually get it right. The Transporter 2 is coming soon to a theater near you.

Now I don’t know if you have seen the Transporter 1, but you really need to. It is a movie that everyone needs to see, like a Citizen Kane or a Wizard of Oz. It is hard to describe the wonder and joy that is the Transporter, but I will try.

There is a story, but you don’t need to know it. All you need to know is that a lot of people get their faces kicked off. Jason Statham is in fact, the transporter and he transports things, which is basically the plot. He ends up with a hot Asian chick who has a wondrous grasp of the English language and he kicks off faces while trying to protect her.

If that doesn’t fire you up, you have no pulse. I know that Merlin and his wife will agree, the Transporter is one of the greats in Hollywood history. You can rent this movie but I recommend running out and buying it as fast as you can. Watch it at least 100 times so its greatness can soak in.

The Transporter was so good I thought there was no way a sequel would be made because you shouldn’t tempt fate. The Transporter is like gossamer and one doesn’t dissect gossamer, one also doesn’t try to make a sequel to gossamer, but I saw the trailer yesterday and besides being the best trailer I have ever seen, I must admit that I am now chomping at the bit for the opportunity to see it. I am sure Merlin and his wife will be coming back to Kentucky so we can go and watch this together, just like we watched the first. Mark your calendars everyone, come September 2 the greatest movie in the last 5 years will debut and we should all thank our stars that it exists.

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