Sunday, August 21, 2005

Excuses, Excuses, Excuse.

I have taken a partial hiatus from the world of Incongruent-Affect for a few reasons.

1. despite news worthy things to put my two cents on (fat or fab dove girls, my agreement for little George to stay away from that protesting group despite my disagreement with little George in general, BTK and his complete and total narcissism, the list goes on and on) I have had one that just really grabbed me and motivated a post

2. I am finishing a week of call today which has sucked up a bit of free time

3. I started studying for Step 3 of the boards, which for you non medical folk is that last test I will ever take that doesn't have to do with psychiatry/neurology (no more obgyn is a great thing)

4. I have become a socialite in our culde sac also sucking up time, but man the deer burgers were so worth it. The neighbors are all awesome. One couple is expecting a baby this week, which will keep my wife occupied.

5. I have been mentally emotionally preoccupied with recent health difficulties in my family. I will elaborate on this if for no other reason to ask sincere favors of Piccu and Bratch. My father has had diabetes for the past 25 years requiring constant insulin. As you may or may not know there are many complications with chronic diabetes when your blood sugar is not closely maintained. One of these problems is kidney failure. My father is faced with this now. Fortunately, at this point it is a bad set of labs essentially. i realize it is much more, but should explain that I mean he feels very much like normal. I was initially extremely concerned about his making int to dialysis and getting all of that straightened out in the beginning. Fortunately that has been handled this week and the plan is solid and he is happy withit. The second concern is with his mental well being. I realize in the future, how near I don't know, he will be off work on temporary disability. He is an introvert by nature, but enjoys social interaction at his work. That will be eliminated when he goes on disability. I have been strongly encouraging him to go to the greatest little methodist church in any community (some of you know it as liberty). Further to get involved a do some of the fellowship activities. I am pushing from this side and would extremely appreciate help pulling from the other side.

6. We have been contemplating taking the next step in expanding the family........ ..... that's right a dog. We are still up in the air, but we are rolling it around in our head.

7. Oh, and recently I have finally convinced my wife to take the dive and watch old movies. There was a Cary Grant marathon that I DVRed. We watched Walk, Don't Run which was entertaining. I watched the end of "Bringing up Baby" which is hilarious with the most manic Katherine Hepburn and the most exasperated Cary Grant; a must see. I also watched Operation Petticoat which had some pretty funny parts.

So there are my excuses take them or leave them.

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