Thursday, August 25, 2005

Whippet, Whippet good.

My wife and I are further taking the dive into pet ownership. We have been exploring the possibility of a dog that is 20-40lbs, energetic but will not devour a leather couch when alone for an hour, and friendly toward visitors. Much of our exploration has led as to the Whippet. For any whippet enthusiasts out there, please excuse my butchered explanations. My understanding is that there are three sizes of greyhounds: Greyhound (65-90 lbs), Whippet (20-40 lbs), and Italian Greyhounds (<20lbs). Italian Greyhounds often have multilple difficulties health-wise due to ....shall I say a previously shallow gene pool.

Now don't get me wrong, I do realize many pet owners are on the edge of insanity. My parents are a decent example though by far not the worst; but I digress. Some of the hoops you have to jump through with this whole process include an application. Application? What the hell is this, admission to college? The first person was bit snotty so I just left the ball in there court and marched on taking my whippet business elsewhere. The second person was much friendlier though a bit guarded as well stating that they find "good homes" for the dogs they sell and not just give them to the first people that have a wad of cash. I could swallow that explanation a bit better. So far though I am trying to determine how big a wad of cash is necessary.

In the same vicinity of insanity over pets, there was a discussion on Bob and Sheri's radio show the other morning. They were discussing this pet hotel. You may be envisioning a shelter to keep your pet in for a few days when you're out of town; you'd be wrong. This is reportedly a lavish and pricey place where your pets go to shack up. That's right, breeding ground. Call me crazy, but I don't envision a dog needing to "get in the mood." And what's worse, people are actually paying for this!

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