Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Meth mouth is the new crackhead.

Meth mouth is a term that is starting to hit the big time and I believe it could take over the country like crackhead did in the 90’s. Yahoo is jumping on the bandwagon after our wonderful hometown paper the MI did a story on this phenomenon months ago. What is meth mouth? You don’t know? Well I’ll tell ya, meth mouth is condition that occurs when a person who is hooked on meth has lost all of their teeth, which seems to be a common side effect of the illegal drug.

Dentists are finding meth mouth all over the country. If losing your teeth from using this illegal drug isn’t bad enough, “the police are even using meth mouth to spot drug users and target them for drug busts.” Just think meth users, anytime you flash a smile, or lack thereof, you could be setting yourself up for some jail time.

The article also mentions how easy it is to make meth and how the users have passed around the secret recipe. If it is so easy to make meth, then why are people still buying it on the street? If I go to McDonald’s and buy a quarter pounder for $2.50, but can make the same burger at home for $1.50, I am going to stay home. Meth doesn’t make you lazy does it? I thought meth users stayed up for days on end with no sleep, that is time you could be producing. These meth users need some motivational speakers to help them out. Maybe it is better to be busted with enough for personal use, than to be busted with your own mobile meth lab.

This article on the whole isn’t a humorous one, but there was one thing that I thought was very amusing. It was the contributing factors to meth mouth. They are as follows: “The drug dries up saliva, a natural defense against cavities. It also causes users to crave sugary sodas while the corrosive chemicals used to make the synthetic drug are thought to lead to teeth decay.” I know that was kinda interesting but not amusing, but this is, the final contributing factor to meth mouth is…..”stoned people rarely remember to brush their teeth.” Now that is funny. I know some sober people that rarely remember to brush their teeth. I guess meth mouthers don’t even bother with flossing.

I have to tell you, I believe I ran into my first meth mouther a few weeks ago while out on a job. He approached my vehicle and I spotted right off that he was a wiry little dude. He weighed about 115 and was about 5 foot 9. Then I knew there was something about him when he opened his mouth. He had just about 4 teeth in his head. Even for Kentucky, a state known for toothless hillbillies, that is pretty bad. He seemed like a nice dude, just like I am sure most of these poor people who get caught up in this drug are. They just made a mistake and it is too hard to kick it. If I could offer some advice for those of you who are using meth, besides the obvious stop using meth, it would be to remember to brush and floss after every meal.

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