Thursday, August 11, 2005

TN fugitives captured. Woman charged with murder and grand idiocy.

Well, it’s all over, law enforcement officials have captured the fugitives that have been on the run for the last few days, caught them in our neck of the woods. Of course, the fugitives never got close to our hometown, but they were in the state of Kentucky. If you hadn’t heard, this story began at a Tennessee courthouse, where the wife of a fugitive who was at a hearing, waited outside of the courthouse for her husband to exit and ambushed the guards leading him away. She killed one of the guards and escaped with her husband and went on the run. Police found a stolen van used by the couple in Erlanger, KY yesterday and it was only a matter of time before they captured them. Today police captured them after a cab driver called them to say he had earlier dropped them off at a motel in Columbus, OH.

I had heard about this story on the Nashville news that I watch just about every morning, but got even more interested when I saw the report on CNN last night. It showed the van they found at a motel in Kentucky. When you see that the two most wanted fugitives in the country are in your home state, you peck up a bit. The problem with the report was that CNN never told us where in Kentucky they were. We watched for about 5 to 10 minutes and they kept telling folks to be careful in this area because the fugitives were armed and dangerous. Unfortunately, they forgot to tell the folks the location they should be careful in. I had to go to the net to find out if I should be worried or not.

You hear about a high profile prison escape about once or twice a year. You know the type, a group of murderers escape or just a story about an ingenious way criminal has escaped by tying bed sheets together and sliding down the barbwire fence. This one was different. This one involved the wife waiting for the right opportunity to ambush the guards and escape with her husband. She accomplished that and in the process caught a bullet in the leg for her trouble. Then they were on the run. I’m not so sure they thought things through, though.

The plan to free her husband worked but they seemed to be just wandering around after that. It’s as if she thought the first part of the plan wouldn’t work. They didn’t think ahead as to how they would make it out of the country or where ever the heck they were headed. Taking cabs when both of your faces are all over CNN doesn’t seem to be the best idea. Especially when the fugitives the police are looking for are a black man and his red haired white wife. In Kentucky and Ohio, that might stick out a little bit. Even mixed couples who aren’t on the run from the law will get stares in this area. Besides the fact that this woman killed a man, that’s the biggest problem I have with these two morons, they didn’t know what they were doing after they got away.

This woman loved her husband so much; she was willing to kill or be killed to get him free. Fortunately, both of these people are so stupid that they must have thought they had a chance to get away. Unless they were millionaires and had a private jet waiting to whisk them to Brazil, I think we all know they had no chance. Where did they think they could go? Did they not think that the national news media wouldn’t grab a hold of this run with it? CNN is always looking for a story to blow up and shove down our throats and this one was pretty big.

I think we can all agree that this woman is obviously the more stupid of the two because she married this guy. This isn’t a case of she married him and found out later that he was a bad guy and an armed robber. No, No, she was a prison nurse who met him in prison and then married him. She even lost her job because she was sneaking him food. If you are willing to kill for him, I can’t imagine losing a job over him is that big of a deal.

Maybe Merlin can help me out with this. Why do women fall for criminals? I don’t mean criminals as a whole, but criminals who are in prison at the time they start their romance. What makes them want to be married to someone in prison, in many cases for the rest of their lives? What kind of life is that? Why would a woman actively seek out a man in prison to marry? Many who do this are married and never see their husband outside of the prison walls and maybe that is what they want.

This woman, however, wanted her husband out and wanted to be a Bonnie to his Clyde apparently. I am not a big capital punishment fan, especially when there is a chance an innocent man or woman could be executed, but for these two morons, I think the quicker the better. If for no other reason than we don’t need the spawn of these two mental midgets walking the earth.

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