Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Looters on TV and Jim Cantore

Having watched Hurricane Katrina unfold on Sunday and Monday on TV we decided to check out the aftermath today. The destruction is unbelievable in New Orleans and in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Unfortunately, the sun is out and the looters are as well down there. Looters were taking anything they could get their hands on even though they most likely had no where to put any of it.

There was footage taped in a Wal-Mart down there in what I believe was New Orleans and the looters didn't even care. I'm not saying that I would do any looting, but I do know that if I was doing any looting I would wrap it up just about the same time that CNN showed up. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be stupid enough to be walking around only to look up and find a camera 3 feet from my face.

Those are some shameless idiots down there that are walking around on camera with hundreds of dollars of clothes in their arms or pushing shopping carts full of merchandise.

I do love to see me some Jim Cantore down there on the Weather Channel though. He makes things fun because he's not down there to report about the storm. He's there to survive it. Wherever the most danger is going to be, he's out in waste-deep water hoping that he doesn't catch a stop sign with his head.

Jim doesn't even look like a weather man. He strikes me as a guy that blew his knee out in the last football game of his senior season and it turned out that he only needed 2 more credit hours for a bachelors in meteorology.

He was talking to a colleague down there who was reporting from the storm and I kept expecting him to look at her and say, "You know, back in '93, I could throw a football a quarter mile."

If there was a gunfight in the middle of a thunder storm, Jim Cantore would be there with bells and body armor on.


Travis said...

There are two types of looters though. One, is the guy who's looting food because their food was destroyed. This is the Loot-to-Live guy. He's not a bad guy, he just got caught in some very bad circumstances, and is doing what seems necessary.
Then there are the idiots. These are the looter type 2. Loot-cause the cops are busy-looters. Those people should be caught and prosecuted.
I know you probably hate him, but Limbaugh brought up a good point yesterday. When media and others saw the looting in Baghdad, they said the looters should be shot. When they saw the looting in New Orleans, they bemoaned their circumstances that forced them into looting.
The point is, you can't just look at a looter and assume he's a lowlife thug. Some people are looting because they're worried they won't have enough to survive otherwise. Some people loot because they are lowlife thugs. It's case by case.

Piccu said...
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Piccu said...

I had no problem with the looters until I heard that one of them killed a cop. Let's face it, most of those who are doing the looting lost everything and they probably didn't have that much to lose. If they need food and fluids, even clothes, I have no problem with it. When they start carting off major electronics and appliances and killing cops, then I have a problem. There is already enough death and destruction without some morons adding to it by committing murder.