Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Prison Break on Fox, can it work?

Can this show really work? Have I been tricked into watching a show that will just be canceled in a few weeks? The show is Prison Break on Fox. It premiered on Monday night at 7 central and was a 2 hour premiere. The premise is a man is sent to prison for a murder he didn’t commit, at least that is what he is saying. He was accused of killing the Vice President’s brother. The evidence was overwhelming and there was even some video proof, but he still claims his innocence. No one believes him, except his loyal brother.

Did I mention that the Secret Service is involved in some kind of cover-up? Did I mention that the brother of the convicted killer convinced a lawyer friend to uncover the cover-up? Did I mention that the man in prison is sentenced to die in one month’s time? Well, he is. So what does the loving brother do to save his brother’s life? He plans and researches and then he robs a bank only to get caught. He pleads no contest to the charges and then is incarcerated in the same prison that his brother is in. The reason he does this? He is going to break out of prison with his brother, and apparently some other “helpers.”

I have to admit, when I first heard about this show, I thought, “this will never work.” They can’t have more than one season of this show because when they break out it’s over. I read an article with someone close to the show and he said they have enough right now for a second season. They claimed that the story will not end when someone breaks out, it is only beginning. They plan to follow the stories of all of those who break out of the prison and they have already introduced some pretty interesting characters.

So what did I think about Prison Break? I thought it was a very interesting show. There is nothing like it on TV right now and I hope that it stays this interesting. After the end of it I was already anticipating next week’s show. I have to admit I am a sucker for prison movies or shows like Oz, mainly because they are a good deterrent. If you watch a good prison movie, you won’t even drive over the speed limit for fear of going to prison.

So far this show has it all when it comes to prison life, not that I know what prison life is like except from TV. It has the man to see when you need some pharmaceuticals. It has had a race war with shankings and shivings. It has had the hinting of man love. Everything a good prison show needs. If all of this appeals to you, you are in luck. Fox is rerunning the premiere on Thursday at 7 PM central time. I think it will be a show to keep your eye on, I just hope that Fox doesn’t yank it out from under those of us who get sucked in.

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