Wednesday, August 31, 2005


A 22 year old from Luxombourg has made history. Unless you are in his home country I doubt it will be billed that way, however. Should it be? Maybe not, but the fact is this kid played well. The focus seems to be on how crappy Roddick played. Granted it was not his best showing, but let's give is opponent a little credit. Muller hit twice as many winners and Roddick only made 15 unforced errors. As any tennis player or sports enthusiast knows, there is more to the story than just stats. In the defense of the Roddick Sucked band wagon; the 15 unforced errors were in three sets not 4 or 5. And, if he is not making great shots it is leaving the other guy open to step up and hit winners regardless if it is recorded an unforced error. I understand all of this and reiterate the point that Roddick did not have his best match.

The point I am making is that this guy Muller stepped up, pulled his nuts out, and beat the crap out of Roddick. The pressure this kid surrmounted to get through three sets worth of not soiling himself against a top five player deserves mention. We're not talking three easy sets either. Three tie breakers with Roddick in the US open: now that takes guts to survive. Muller had that. On the other side of this he will be so high on the win that he'll get trounced in the next match or so. Of course the other possibility is an ere of confidence that will earn him respect and not the "fluke" who beat a champion.

So what of this champion? He has millions of women around the world ready to fall at his feet, tons of cash flowing in from endorsements, and let's not forget potentially several more years of living this lifestyle. So he had a bad day at the office, I'm still not going to feel sorry for him.

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