Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The blogging world...

I've spent the last hour or so just looking for some interesting blogs. Not quite as easy as one would think, but there are some fairly good ones out there.

The way that I attempted to track some of them down was through my profile. (I updated it for those of you who care and I also made my email address available for some reason.)

Anyway, I figure that the best way to track down some interesting reading is to click on the different subjects in my profile's "interests" section. This shouldn't be too hard. They are my interests, so therefore I should find some interesting stuff.

Unfortunately, I didn't. Several in foreign languages, but most of the ones Blogger found for me only had a few posts on them. That shows me that everyone is really jumping on this blogging thing. I even found this one that seemed pretty good until the terribly explicit and long erotica post involving the female author and Justin Timberlake.

Give me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.

It's a few minutes past 9 p.m. right now and I've decided to call off the search party for cool blogs and listen to some XM radio before I drop off to sleep. I'm actually getting to bed at a decent hour most nights and I'm kind of digging it. I'm trying to build up a surplus for Thursday.

Thursday my buddy Don and I are heading out early to get a photography series for the paper and if we are going to follow this dude around, chances are we are going to have to be there around the time when he gets up.

It's a shame he lives about and hour away.

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