Thursday, February 02, 2006

Watch out J. J. Redick, Pat-Pat is on your trail.

“Man, he was unbelievable. He was like J. J. Redick out there.” Charles Rhodes, Mississippi State

Guess who that was said about, that’s right. He’s back, Patrick Sparks. Pat-Pat had a career high 25 points to lead the resurgent UK Wildcats in a throuncing of the Mississippi State Crooked Letter Is. I have never seen a better single game performance. Not Reddick, not Kobe, not even Wilt has looked so good. I am beginning to think that the rumor I had heard a couple years ago on is right.

What was that rumor? Apparently Jerry Sloane loves the gritty, gutty self professed “groundhog” and has his sights on Sparks to take the helm and become the new John Stockton. This son of a coach who attended Muhlenberg North High School in Central City, Kentucky is on his way. The rest of the SEC better recognize before they get a dagger in their eye.

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