Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's like the Summer of '69 all over again for Bryan Adams.

Bryan Adams may be my new hero. Did you hear this story? Apparently Lindsay Lohan injured herself in his home in London and had to be rushed to the hospital after slicing her leg. She was getting out of the shower Friday afternoon and was all wet and lotioned up and slipped down the stairs and a tea cup she was carrying broke and cut her shin. The wound needed 10 stitches to close. She and some friends were preparing breakfast when this happened.

Let’s see. We have Lindsay Lohan and “friends”, who in my imagination are all hot 21 year old playmates, making breakfast on a Friday AFTERNOON in Bryan Adams home in London. Lindsay is showering and has her unfortunate accident. The question on everyone’s mind is was Bryan Adams there and if so, why was he hanging with these people? If it is why I think it is, then of course he is my new hero. I’m sure it could be anything, but I have always heard rumors of Bryan Adams being a bit of a freak.

In other Lohan news, apparently after a night of beer drinking and pancakes, Lindsay left her diary in a cab or something or other and lost track of it for a time. Well, someone was nice enough to return it to her, but they were also nice enough to rip out some pages that “rellegedly” had her most intimate thoughts on her most intimate encounters. It is rumored that her “reps” have been putting pressure on all the media outlets to not release the details. I wonder how long that will last, if true. Poor Lindsay, it’s one thing after another for her, isn’t it? And to top everything off, she didn’t finish in the top ten most desirable women poll from

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