Thursday, February 16, 2006

David Lee Roth weighs in on the possible Van Halen reality TV lead singer search.

More fallout from the possible Van Halen lead singer search via the reality TV show Rock Star. David Lee Roth, original lead singer, has weighed in on this subject saying no one wants the reality show, they want a reunion tour. DLR is ready to hit the road and has already gotten the okay from his new bosses at CBS radio where he does his morning talk show on WFNY 92.3, to take some time off if this does happen.

"Van Halen would go out for three months," he said. "That's all Eddie could handle. And then the next morning, I'd be back at this mic at 6 a.m." DLR also says that the band has already been offered $1 million a show if they do tour. Unfortunately for Van Halen/DLR reunion fans, DLR also hinted that he thought Eddie Van Halen may be battling substance abuse problems again. That is not going to endear him the the VH boys.

Here is some more from the New York Daily News article.

Roth also dismissed recent Van Halen shows as "lite rock" and said touring with a singer hired from a TV search would make the band "a novelty act."

He said the situation was different with INXS, the first band on "Rock Star," "because their original lead singer was dead."

He suggested the main reason anyone would watch Van Halen on "Rock Star" would be "the Gong Show factor ... seeing who screws up the most."

While I agree with most of what DLR says it seems that he and Eddie cannot talk about anything without taking their little shots at each other. I do not see a reunion happening as much as I want to because I don’t think they could make it three months without Eddie murdering Dave. I still do not believe they should go the reality TV route. They should audition singers on their own terms and move on.


Travis said...

gents it's well past time to stop worrying about a VH comeback or GNR's "new album."
Perhaps we should step boldly into the 2000s. Or at least the mid90s.

I make a witty post about the Olympics and it gets buried by more VH garbage. If it's not today's 30 quotes about Jack Bauer, it's VH. I can't win.

Piccu said...

You said it yourself, the Olympics have limited mass appeal. Hair metal on the other hand has a very broad appeal. I only write what I feel and I feel that breaking news on these two bands are more important than the Olympics or whose face Dick Cheney shot off today. I can't be the only one when it comes to VH and G'n'R.