Thursday, February 02, 2006

Nuts and Bolts, Nuts and Bolts

I watched/listened to two teams really get hosed last night in college basketball. I'll rank the stories by hatred of the winning team.

1. Duke screws BC AT BC (83-81). Welcome to the ACC Boston College. You get to host the #2 team in the United States. They will shoot 23/37 FTs on the night, you will shoot 10/13. You're best players (Craig Smith) and second leading scorer on the night will both foul out on VERY questionable block calls late in the game. You will decide, down three with about 20 or so seconds left, to attack the basket and hope for a steal. There Sheldon Williams will foul the dickens out of you (such an obvious foul DICK VITALE was screaming for it) where Williams gets literally no ball, all arm. Duke will secure the game at the line. Enjoy your stay in the ACC.

2. Tennessee beats Vandy in Knoxville 69-62. Vandy held a lead at the half, outshot and outrebounded UT for the game, however, UT lived at the line shooting 23/32 while Vandy shot a paultry 2/5. Having not seen any of this game, and just listening to the Vandy announcers, I don't know if this was quite the screw job that BC endured, but it was certainly lopsided at the line. I expect UT to shoot more FTs than their opponents because they attack and are much more aggressive. But for a team like Vandy, who works the ball inside some and had inside guys scoring all night to only shoot 5 FTs is quite noteworthy. Like BC, Vandy had two guys foul out. In fact, two of their top 3 leading scorers fouled out with the other one ending the game with four fouls.

So in honor of the Commodores and the Eagles (what a concert!) here's a little high school ditty:
Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and Bolts


BRATCH said...

Well, let's not get crazy. I watched a good bit of the Duke game last night and we all know that Duke is such an inside dominated team. They have Sheldon Williams, that Sheldon guy, that Williams guy and that one dude with the big head.

It's not like J.J. Reddick just stands out there bombing 3's. He's all about driving and creating. LOL

It's no wonder why they shot 8,000 free throws.

Travis said...

I can begrudgingly admit that Redick is probably the player of the year. It's certainly between he and Morrisson. (two white guys, odd.) But I cannot and will not admit that Sheldon Williams is good. What he is is strong. All he does is bully people and hammer them. Then he shoots FTs and they foul out.

Piccu said...

I did not see the Vandy game and only saw the last 5 minutes or so of the Duke game, but that no call at the end of the game was unbelievable. Even Susie was screaming at that one. I wonder if there was any hades raised at the press conferences after the game. That call is easily worth a reprimand from the league or a fine for carping about the officials.

I am not so sure that that same officiating crew was not the same that officiated the Indy-Pittsburgh game.

Travis said...

Or the WKU/Arizona game.

Piccu said...

Are we still talking about that game?

Travis said...

Anytime someone brings up a horrendously bad call? Yes. It was the single worst call I've seen in basketball next to the USSR beating the US in '72.