Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A new study on the origin of sexual orientation has some surprising findings.

Has proof been found that homosexuality is genetics and not choice? According to a new study this may be true. Click the link and read the article for more information. The researchers looked into a woman’s X-chromosome inactivation. A woman has two X-chromosomes but only require one and they will inactivate one of their X-chromosomes while using the other. Women will inactivate one of their X-chromosomes at random, “like flipping a coin.” The article linked also says that, "If you look at a woman in any given (bodily) tissue, you'd expect about half of the cells to inactivate one X, and half would inactivate the other."

According to the new study, on women who have gay offspring, in those who had more than one gay child, a quarter of those women inactivate the same X-chromosome in every cell that was checked. This was described by researchers as “extremely unusual.” Does this mean that genetics plays the part in whether or not a person is a homosexual? The scientists are not sure, but they do think that they have found something they had not seen or thought of before.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future. I’m sure there will be more studies done and I will be interested to find out the results. The article also brings up the potential dangers if this is indeed the determining factor in a person’s sexuality. Some are worried that in the future parents and doctors will try to manipulate the “gay gene” to prevent homosexuality, whether before or after birth. That is something to think about but I believe that research needs to continue, especially if an age old question and mystery can be solved.

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