Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Guns 'N' Roses songs "leaked" onto the internet.

Good news for Sivart, it’s Guns N Roses time. I have linked to this post a blog that has the info you need to find and download some leaked GNR songs that have made their way onto the web.

The first song is called I.R.S. Not your usual gritty GNR song. Has drum effects, some acoustic guitar mixed with a chunkier yet polished guitar later on. It is a soft then loud type song with some jazzy elements. Axl sounds pretty good. Not a song that will get me running out to pick up the new album, but not bad.

The second song is The Blues. This song is a more classic GNR feel along the lines of November Rain and Estranged. The piano is very heavy. Another good song, but not great.

Another song is titled There was a Time. It starts out as more of an industrial song with drum effects. Kind of a Linkin Park sound. Sounds as though an orchestra was involved with this song. The guitar work is nice, but you can tell a difference between the new and the old.

Axl sounds good in all the songs. There is supposedly another song called Better that is also out there, but I have not tracked it down. After hearing these songs I am now more convinced that the wait will not be worth it. I think Axl has ruined his chances to return to his rock throne and took so much time that the music will not bear up over the long haul.

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