Monday, February 13, 2006

Van Halen going the reality TV route for new lead singer?

Could Van Halen be going the reality TV route in finding a new lead singer? The band’s spokesperson denies it. Reports are that Van Halen is going to be the new band to find their singer on Rock Star: The Series. I have heard this rumor before and I cringe when I see it. It kind of screams desperation to me, although INXS has a hit album and sold out shows to prove that it works. I really hope that this is just a rumor and Van Halen can patch things up with David Lee Roth. That is what VH fans are waiting for. Sure it may be as desperate as going on TV and finding a lead singer, but the desperation that leads to DLR is satisfying to me a long time VH fan.

I have linked the article from and on the same page as the story they have a couple of poll questions. The first is, what should Van Halen do? Bring back DLR, Bring back Sammy, or get a new singer. You know my vote and apparently 52% agree with me that they should bring back DLR.

The second question is very interesting. It asks, which band should use Rock Star to find a new lead singer? The choices are Queen, Stone Temple Pilots, or The Carpenters. Three interesting choices. I think that Queen has already done a good job by picking up former Free and Bad Company lead singer Paul Rodgers and touring. I don’t think Queen needs the show.

I haven’t even heard anything involving Richard Carpenter and a comeback. I would think that it would be very hard for Richard Carpenter to make music and tour with someone other than Karen Carpenter. I also think it would be hard or weird to be “the new Karen Carpenter.” This must just be a wishful fantasy for TMZ and a cousin and an uncle I have that love The Carpenters.

Stone Temple Pilots seems like the best choice for me and that’s what I chose out of the three. I think that the DeLeo brothers are very talented and may have some good songs left. STP was never a legendary band, but they did have quite a few top quality songs and it was a shame that they split up. Do I think the remaining members of STP will even consider this? No. I just think that the brothers DeLeo will just as soon form a new band and make new music and leave STP behind.

According to the viewers of this article 51% believe Queen should be the next band to appear on Rock Star. I do not believe any of these choices will do it. I am not sure any bands will, I was surprised INXS did it. As I said it screams of desperation, but perhaps this is the way of the future. Maybe all bands will do this in the future. It is just an audition. The big difference is that we get to see it every week and have some input. Maybe it is not so bad after all. No, it is.


Anonymous said...

See, the trick is that a band has to have a deeeeeep catalog of songs that are universally known. VH hits the spot, but in the US, Queen less so (plus they're doing an arena tour right now, so they likely needn't bother), STP doesn' have the catalog, and The Carpenters don't match the crucial 18-40 demo. The deep catalog factor also rules out other bands I've heard rumors about for Rock Star like Sublime and Drowning Pool (who? yeah, exactly)

Anonymous said...
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Piccu said...

INXS doesn't exactly have a mountain of material. They also recorded a new album that is selling well. This isn't the Rolling Stones. I'm sure INXS was looking for a lead singer that they could make new music with, not play a "hits" tour.

I'm not sure that INXS released many more albums than STP. STP would also hit the right demographic, late 20's and early 30's.

I am just a VH fan who would hate to see them do this and come out looking worse than they already do. I also don't think that the "bump" they would receive by doing this would last long term and they would just end up firing the new guy and sitting on the sidelines again. That is their move.

BRATCH said...

The ultimate problem with the "rock star" show is that, like American Idol, it's a TV show. Van Halen doesn't need to go on TV to get a new singer. While it would be publicity out the wazoo, VH has a very loyal following of fans who would rather set Clay Aiken on fire instead of listening to his music because he's only famous because he went on a TV show.

I won't rule out something like this happening, but I'll guarantee you that if VH does do this Eddie will have control over everything and the network will probably not make a dime.

I think most everyone knows my views on VH. I like DLR and I like Sammy, but I like the music more than both of them. You got one of the greatest lead guitarists on the planet matched with his brother who is equally as good on the drums. Sivart and I saw them with Gary Sharone in Nashville and it wasn't like we didn't have a good time because he was singing.

If VH does this show, every singer they bring out had better have a solid resume with a chance of people having heard of them before. Some moron off the street isn't going to do much good.

Piccu said...

That's the thing with this show, it is all morons off the street. Ronnie James Dio or David Coverdale are not going to go through this. I'm not saying you would have singers like those that appear on American Idol, these would for the most part be professional singers that just haven't made it. They would be in their element because they would be rock singers.

I never watched the first Rock Star because I thought it was cheesy and as I said earlier, it screamed of desperation. I think VH should just have a regular audition if they are done with DLR and Sammy and start making new music.

I agree that Gary Cherone was not horrible, in fact, I thought he sounded a lot like Sammy, but I really wish things would work out with DLR. That is who needs to sing with them.

I have always said that you can replace any person in a band except the lead singer and get away with it. VH has done it once with Sammy and failed once with Cherone, I'm not sure they want to try it again.