Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Turner Classic Movies gears up for its annual Oscar celebration.

It’s February and the Oscar nominations have just recently been announced with the Oscars to be presented on March 3. In celebration of the Oscars, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is again putting on their annual 31 days of Oscar. Every film from Feb1-Mar 3 will either have won an Oscar or have been nominated for an Oscar.

This of course means that every movie will not be a 4 star classic, even Oscar winning movies can suck, but there are many great movies coming up. Click the link for the TCM schedule and watch a couple classic movies over the next few weeks. I find that these older movies are a glimpse into the past and you get to see how Americans lived 40, 50, and 60 years ago. It is almost like a history lesson, especially with Westerns and war movies. I know I have already set my DVR to record several great movies I haven’t seen and I look forward to seeing these timeless classics.

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