Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tubby and UK, the saga continues.

You know things are heating up in Lexington when the UK/Tubby Smith troubles are one of the big headlines on the front page of Yahoo. I love this article. I think it explains everything that the fans feel and everything that the fans expect. It also points out that overall Tubby is well liked and that this hot seat situation is “just business, not personal" for the most part.

I have sad many times before, Tubby is a great coach. He always seems to get the most from his players. He got a championship with someone else’s players, a team that wasn’t exactly full of number one draft picks (check out C. M. Newton’s comments on winning with another coach’s players), and got number one seeds in the NCAA with teams that lacked number one seed talent. His coaching is not in question, it is everything else. The article doesn’t come out and say this, but it seems that C. M. Newton may bear some responsibility for this problem.

I also found it very interesting that big donors to the school have said if that UK says “we need 5 million dollars to buy out Coach Smith,” the donors will have the cash in less than 48 hours and it won’t cost the school a thing. I know this sounds unreasonable to a lot of people since Tubby wins 70% of his games and has never won less than 20 games a season, but read this article, I think it clears up exactly what is going on in the state according to UK basketball.

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