Thursday, March 29, 2007

British/Iranian Standoff (GMA Rant)

There's trouble brewing in the Persian Gulf. Imagine. The Iranians have captured 15 British seamen claiming they were in Iranian waters illegally trespassing. Iran is demanding the Brits admit this.

Problem is this, the Brits have GPS data proving they were in fact in Iraqi waters when captured. And the Brits aren't much for admitting to things they've not done. Nor or they much for playing games with Iran.

Why is this so problematic? Because we're Great Britain's greatest ally, and they ours. If something begins militarily, we'll be in the thick of that too. And then there's sure to be some serious problems. If Americans think the Iraq war has been long and drawn out, wait until we take on our first worth adversary since Vietnam.

Now this situation may not get anywhere near that. Iran has been bullish before and then eventually backed down. But the Brits can be just as trigger happy as we can, so the potential for a war is there.

NOW, on to the great Good Morning America rant. I pure straight hate news programs anymore. They are the more deceptive than a night with Penn and Teller. This morning GMA is reporting on the Brit seamen situation and they list possible reasons for their capture. All three of their possible reasons centered around...the United States.

Either Iran did it because we and GB are in Iraq, or they did it because we and GB have sought UN sanctions against Iran, or they did it because they had done it to us before and it would remind us that they would do it again.

Not once did GMA even seem to consider that this has little or nothing to do with the United States. Nope. Apparently all the hate in the world has to do with the United States in one fashion or another and it all began when Bush was elected. Because before that the whole world loved the United States, there were no wars, no one ever attacked American interests, and milk and honey flowed from every American faucet.

I hate GMA.


BRATCH said...

Robin, do you have anything to add to that?

"... No. No, I don't."

Travis said...

Because I'm Barry Gibb!!! You don't talk back to me!! Ahaa-Ahaaa.

Piccu said...

Did anyone at GMA stop to think that Iran may just be plain crazy?

Sure their reasoning may have had something to do with the US, but I think the best reason is that the powers that be in Iran are d-bag a-holes.