Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Here's another March tournament for you, and it's free!

It’s March Madness and I know everyone has joined the Bombay Gunrunners Tournament Pick ‘em league to compete for prize instead of cash and prizes, but there is another tournament going on. It’s called Band Madness. This tournament’s goal is to find the best band of 2007. That doesn’t mean the best band from the year 2007, but the best band out of 512 for the year 2007. Yes, 512, that means 256 choices in the first round. As of right now you can still vote for Round 1A and Round1B has just gone up today.

Now the rules are that you are to vote for the band you like the most, not the band that is supposed to be the most “respected.” That means that if you like Big and Rich better than the Beatles (and if you do, you are an idiot) then you vote for Big and Rich. Here’s an interesting matchup, The Monkees vs. Wolfmother. Now I, of course, voted for Wolfmother because I loves me some Wolfmother, however, they are being crushed by The Monkees because they are probably more lovable. The only matchup that I had to really think hard on (hard on) was Rod Stewart vs. Judas Priest. I was torn, I love Rod Stewart. I loved him with the Jeff Beck Group, the Faces and his solo career. But in the end I had to go with my metal heart and select Priest.

I will admit that there were groups paired together that I never liked or never heard, so in those cases I did try to vote for the one I thought was the most “respected” or well known. I thought it was pretty fun and is a good time killer. New matchups will be up on Monday and Wednesday. I don’t care who you vote for, but can we please get a different band to win this year? Last year’s winner was Nine Inch Nails, and while I respect their work, they just don’t do it for me. Let’s get the Stones or Led Zep, or KISS into the top spot. It’s up to you America, make me proud.

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