Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol Week 3: The Broads

From the first song of the girls’ show last it night you could really tell a difference between them and the guys. The main difference? The girls are good and the guys suck. The girls seem to know they are in a competition and every week they bring their best and show personality while the guys seem to like each other so much that they are just happy to be there and they don't want to hurt one another by trying to blow people away. There is no reason that Brandon, a professional singer should not be dominating this show, at least on the guy’s side. Instead he is sweating it out with the rest of the sucksters tonight.

I think at this stage you could take 6 girls and 3 guys and tell the rest to hit the road. I thought all the girls did better than the guys, even Antonella was better than Sanjaya or Sundance. Unfortunately for her she is horrible and standing onstage with the Lakishas and Melindas only highlight that fact even more. Has Antonella ever sang a note that wasn't flat? Haley is not much better than Antonella and may have been a little worse this week.

Lakisha is great, but I think Melinda is the best there is and she should be because like Brandon, she is a professional. Tony Kornheiser this morning said that Melinda was the best who has ever been on AI and should be disqualified immediately because she is a professional. With performances like last night’s it is hard to argue. As of right now, there is not one guy in her or Lakisha’s league and there will have been some pretty huge shenanigans pulled if the final three or four aren’t all girls.

So, who goes tonight? Well, it depends, are we losing two guys and two girls like usual or are we losing the bottom 4 vote getters no matter what their sex? It’s obvious that Sanjaya, Sundance, Antonella and Haley are the worst singers left in the groups, by significant margins. However, America is weird and vote for the also plays a role in all of this. I believe Sanjaya and Jared are gone for the guys and Jordin and Haley are gone for the girls.

That is if the eliminations stay the course. If the bottom overall vote getters go this week I think Sanjaya, Jared, Haley and Phil are gone this week. I hope it goes down like that because Antonella has no right to be in the final 12 over Jordin and I would trade any guy to keep her in the competition. I don’t think Jordin will win, but I enjoy here performances and she makes Seacrest look like a hobbit.

So, it should be an interesting show tonight. I might even watch.

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