Monday, March 12, 2007

It's second Chritsmas!!!

It's here, March Madness and I am practically insane. If you have been listening to our podcast, Bombay Gunrunners, then you know that we have a Yahoo NCAA Tournament Pick 'em private group for you to join. For those of you who do not listen to our podcast, (shame on you) then I will give you the information you need to join up.

Group ID: 32164
Password: bombay

Go to Yahoo Fantasy Sports, find the Tournament Pick 'em space and then select join a private group and enter the information above. I have already said that if someone can beat all the Gunrunners who compete, then they will win some sort of prize. It's not going to be a cool million like Yahoo is giving away, but it will be something. So what have you got to lose, except for your dignity!!!

Also, for those who don't think they have the knowledge or picking skills then here is some help courtesy of Yahoo.

I have already made my picks and I have to say, they appear to all be correct. To see them, join up. Good luck!!!!!

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