Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Caveman TV? We aren't ready for this as a country.

Really? Do we need this? It’s bad enough that we have a thousand of these commercials to see anyway, but it appears ABC is so desperate for sitcom ideas that they are taking the Geico cavemen and basing a 30 minute show around them. Do any of us believe this will work? Haven’t we seen enough SNL skits that work great as 5 minute pieces turn into massive suck fests at the theater? Remember the Stuart Smalley movie? Remember the Pat movie? See where I am going. This can only end badly and kill whatever love we might have for the cavemen.

When you really look at these commercials and the more you see of them, you realize the cavemen are too whiny to stand for 30 minutes once a week. Is this what we can look forward to every week? Someone does something to offend a caveman and they all sit around and complain about the lack of respect. It sounds like the perfect sitcom formula. You take a premise and run it into the ground. It’s the Everybody Loves Raymond tactic. You know, every ELR show was the same, Ray did something stupid, his wife got angry and she was never wrong. Even when she was wrong she was never wrong. This was formerly known as the Home Improvement Formula for Sitcoms. Tim Allen sucks. Just wanted to put that out there.

This just goes to show you how much crap is on TV that this seems like a great idea. If you click the link to read the story from Variety, the article reminds us that CBS tried this once with Baby Bob and we all know how successful that was. I am playing into their hands, but we don’t need their kind on TV for 30 minutes a week. I would think cavemen would be satisfied enough that one of them has a big role on Heroes right now as a nuclear bomb. There is just no pleasing those people.

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Orelinde_03 said...

This is a bad, bad move. I do not find the Cavemen at all entertaining in the commercials. I do not think a 30 minute skit will be any more enjoyable.

Why? Why subject Americans to this sort of crap?