Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hungry for more American Idol talk?

Alright everyone, I think it’s time we all took a step back from the ledge and take a deep breath and consider how silly and downright idiotic we can be. Finished? Have you thought about the things in life that are important? Well, go to this myspace page and tell this poor woman what you have come up with because she has left the reservation.

Her name is J and she has gone on a hunger strike until Sanjaya is voted off American Idol. Yes, you heard me right. Now I love American Idol, well, not really, but it entertains me, but not enough to go anorexic. Now, I’m sure this woman put her page up while eating a ham sandwich and has no intentions of actually following through with this because just like crying little girls on AI, she is a fraud. She has already gained some media coverage and I am sure that is all she is looking for, that and a free trip to the AI Finals so she can cry when Sanjaya wins. But, there have been stranger things done for even more moronic reasons.

J has said that things have been hard since she started this hunger strike 6 days ago, but she is soldiering on, even though she has begun to hallucinate. She has a blog on the myspace page and updates us on her progress or lack thereof. The last entry is a little downbeat because Sanjaya once again made it another week. In fact, Sanjaya wasn’t even in the bottom three. I hope this ends badly.

Now this is the real purpose of my post, the crying plant saved Sanjaya another week allowing him to finish in the top 10. It seems to me that the producers of AI tried everything they could to keep Sanjaya in it this week. Why? Well, the top ten are included on the AI tour that follows the show and even though the little girl was planted in the best seats, by all reports, her emotions were real. I think AI thinks there are plenty of little girls out there who feel the same and would beg and plead their parents for tickets to the Sanjaya American Idols Tour.

You have to admit that besides Lakisha and Melinda, the whole season has been about Sanjaya. And as we found out by the Antonella “scandal,” there is no such thing as bad publicity. And if it is true that AI tried everything they could to keep Sanjaya another week, then how do we know that AI won't or doesn't just manipulate the votes each week to say what ever they want them to say.

The question now is will Sanjaya go from not even being in the bottom 3 this week to booted next week because AI needs to really get down to business and doesn’t need him until the tour starts. Keith Olbermann asked Maria Milito on Countdown last night if AI was as fake a pro wrestling and I am beginning to wonder the same thing. This doubt makes AI more interesting than it was before, though for all the wrong reasons.

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